Inha University Hospital is the first university hospital in Incheon. The hospital was established in 1996 with 16 floors building and 804 beds and is now achieving "healthy society."
It develops into a hospital that sets up sound medical values, pursues patient satisfaction, and creates a healthy and rich life based on the specialization and globalization of medical clinics, and contribution to the community with top-class medical facilities and advanced medical systems (US-type of outpatient deployment). Inha University Hospital is centrally located in Incheon -a city rich in cultural diversity, which makes it a vibrant international destination. The hospital is 30minutes directly away from Incheon International Airport.

Specialized centers of Health promotion/Check-up Center, Incheon International Airport Medical Center, Cancer and BMT Center, Cyber knife center, Emergency Medical Center, Women's Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, and Digestive Tract Center, Lung Cancer Center constitute an advanced hospital with experienced clinical professionals and high-tech medical technologies. Inha University Hospital affiliated with the national flag carrier, Korean Air, has a good accessibility to Incheon International Airport and provides the optimal medical services for foreign patients

Our physicians and staff provide clinical care in every specialty of medicine. Many other healthcare professionals may also play in your care, including physical, occupational and speech therapists, dieticians, radiology technologists, laboratory technologists, escort personnel, who accompany patients to and from tests or procedures that take place in other parts of the Hospital. Knowing as much as possible beforehand can help ease stress. Please read through our web site to familiarize yourself with the Hospital before your scheduled procedure, whether it is for outpatient services or inpatient care.


Inha University Hospital International Healthcare Center first opened its doors in 9.15.2009.

Inha University Hospital is recognized for its outstanding comprehensive services.
Its medical, surgical, and emergency care services provide each patient with the highest possible level of care. Moreover, as part of the Hospital's commitment to the total
well-being of each patient, it offers a range of specialized services, as well as special healthcare programs for neighboring communities International patient care center at Inha University Hospital is providing optimum medical services for international patients through the best medicine and state-of-the-art medical equipment. With breathtaking natural environments as well as the world's best medical services harmonized with each other, International Healthcare center is unceasingly making efforts for the healthy future of mankind all over the world. Also we understand that entering a hospital can be confusing and overwhelming for patients and their loved ones.

That is why we place great importance on being a "family-centered" hospital.
Our staff is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients and is also sensitive and responsive to the issues facing their families At the International Center, our team takes great pride in providing highly personalized services.

The staff members of the International Healthcare Center are compassionate and sensitive to the special needs of all cultures, striving to make their experience at Inha University Hospital as pleasant and comfortable as possible. International patient care begins before your arrival at Inha University Hospital and lasts throughout your stay. International patient care center, a luxury hospital in Korea takes charge of your healthy future.
To provide you with more convenient medical services, Inha University Hospital is operating foreigners' clinics as follows:

Outpatient service: Personalized medical services are provided through 10 specialized centers and 34 clinical departments.

Inha University Hospital will help you with your reservation for outpatient care or health examination through the Internet. If you leave a brief message on the internet application for medical service reservation, one of our staffs will call or email you directly to help you with your reservation.

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